Monday, January 26, 2009

You too, can be a fun, quirky family that keeps a carton of milk out on the porch! here are five simple steps:
1. have your baby chuck her last pacifier on the sly as you go for a walk. promise her that "that's the last one you'll ever loose, little lady!"
2. hear the baby scream at night (give her extra snuggles, but don't give in)
3. move the baby's crib from the room next to yours, to the kitchen. Assure her that "this is in your best interest, and you'll thank me someday!"
4. live the trauma of having to send your boys to school without breakfast because the baby's sleeping in the kitchen and you don't want to wake her up.
5. learn you lesson and plan ahead. put the cereal and the bowls in the living room. keep the milk cold and accessible by putting it on the porch.

there you have it! (I said the steps would be simple, not easy, ok?)


Jacquelyn said...

We always put the kids in the bathroom when we ran out of bedrooms ... a pack and play works nicely however if you only have one bathroom it causes other problems. Good luck. I hope the problem is short lived.

Amber said...

HA HA HA That is too funny! But I like your thinking! Smart! ;)

darcie said...

Naomi, you were the one with the pacifier fits, no recollection, right? I think I gave in too often but ultimately you learned self-control-so thankful for that.
much love and. . . .persevere

Gabrielle said...

that's hilarious...oh the efforts we will go through to win our battles...and we should, right?

Amy said...

I think that if I left milk outside overnight here, it would turn into yogurt. But then, I guess that can be eaten for breakfast too. :)