Tuesday, January 13, 2009

enjoy, my boy, enjoy!

disfrutar: to enjoy
yo disfruto: I enjoy
el disfruta: he enjoys
ellos disfrutan: they enjoy
vosotros disfruteis: you all enjoy

Malachai lounged on the kitchen bench yesterday and told me:
"mama, I'm just going to sit here and disfruit this snack before I go and do more puzzles"

disfruit, huh? it feels good to raise a bilingual child. it will bring him many advantages in life.


Debbie said...

Allow me to finish: nosotros disfrutamos. :-) How cute that he wanted to disfrut. Classic.

darcie said...

Naomi, I love this post; I'm sure that you made those clever language connections at age 5 1/2-I just don't remember the details, so keep writing it down for future amusement.

Naomi Smith said...

oops. thanks Debbie. that was embarrassing. :)

mom - - I have this great intention to get my blog printed up into a book. I really do such a poor job documenting in other ways!
maybe this year I'll print it.

Anonymous said...

haha, i'm taking spanish this semester and have been wishing that i could be as smart as my little nephew. i wish yall were around to speek only spanish to me.

Gabrielle said...

maybe, Mercy, if you could spell the word "speak"...

Naomi Smith said...

Mercy! you started Spanish? good for you! you will be all ready for when you come and visit us . . .

also, just so you know, the only thing that saves me from totally misspelling EVERYTHING, is that I have spell check on my entire laptop. everything gets spell checked. yep.
so anyways, just a good life tip from one sista to anotha

Anonymous said...

that's right naomi. i'll be fluent by that time.

and just in case you dont remember anything about spanish, gabrielle, let me remind you that everything is spelled just like it sounds. i'm merely applying the rules of spanish to my everyday vocabulary to help me learn it better. it's way more rational to spell speak s-p-e-e-k. do YOU pronounce speak speee----ak? i dont think so. well, i dont know, maybe you do.