Saturday, January 24, 2009

everyone doing their part

Last night, part of our Christian community (some of them are traveling this weekend) spent some time together . . .
Joshua: prepared and taught a really fantastic study on Luke chapter 7, provoked good dialogue
Brett: brought the wine and cheese, asked some really good questions, participated actively in dialogue about Luke 7.
Naomi, Rachel: cleaned the house and prepared the dinner (except for the wine and cheese), answered Brett's really good questions, participated actively in dialogue about Luke 7
Malachai: participated actively in dialogue about Luke 7 (a little too actively, in fact. Joshua had to ask him to stop answering all the questions and to give everyone else a chance), fell asleep on the couch when the dialogue went too long.
Selma: slept. that helped the dialogue.
Josu: flipped through every single page of the five children's bibles that we own.
that's 2,469 pages
(I did the math)


The Chau Family said...

I'm always encouraged to hear of life and ministry happening half a world away but much in the same way as it happens in our own home. I still think fondly of our pre-kid days - playing pingpong in your tiny livingroom :).

Naomi Smith said...

I agree, Kris!
and it's been a while since I thought about that ping-pong table in my living room! good times.
(p.s. I have your bbq beef sticks on my menu plan for the week!)

Gabrielle said...

sounds good. really good. something I crave from time to time (not the wine and cheese, but the good dialogue!)

Caroline said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I wish we could have been there! But we are doing our best to provoke good dialogue over here.

Soooo...Gabrielle we will have to get together! I thought that the dialogue about the Titus 2 was pretty entertaining...anyway:)

Amy said...

I love how your wall matches the color of your kids' hair.