Friday, August 01, 2008

the joy of knowing that you're not the hot stuff you once thought you were

I realized something the other day.

I realized that sometimes, I think that we're some the best parents we know. (do I sicken you? keep reading, keep reading, my friend!)

so these past couple of months we have been traveling around, and have been invited into the homes and lives of so many wonderful families; and all of a sudden we're not the best anymore; there are people out there that are doing such an outstanding, bang-up job of parenting that it puts me to shame.

oh, it's fantastic!

isn't the church wonderful that way? I really am convinced that that is part of God's purpose in the Church - - that as we see other Christians living faithfully, we realize that we're not that great after all. yes. I like the church. I don't mind not being the best, and I'm excited about being better.