Friday, December 08, 2006

we have been spending a lot of suitcase time together as we pack up for our trip to the US for Abi's (my sister) wedding. I need to stop by Malachai's school tomorrow morning to write down the address; I promised Malachai we would send his class a letter. I am hoping that we will even get two off - - maybe one from texas and one from California. I am trying to think of what a class full of three year olds would like to see pictures of . . . maybe some things that would be unique to Cristmas in the United States and with a Christian family . Any suggestions?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I ran out of the house this week to do some errands. I could only find one of Josu's shoes but I was running late and decided it would be best to leave - - even if that meant errands with a half-shoed baby; well, I must have had 7 lovely Spanish ladies stop me to ask me if I knew that Josu's shoe was missing (experienced mamas! they know how much those suckers cost!) I almost took his other shoe off too so that I wouldn't have any one else stop me!
It was very nice, actually, to have so many people watch out for me . . .