Friday, January 16, 2009

I think our weekend might look like this:

the weekend
"I was at home all day long laying down because I was sick"

pulled out of Malchai's school portfolio from last trimester
p.s check out his sweet rendition of the couch. the armrests are almost identical to the originals


darcie said...

this is a wonderful self portrait of your boy--I had to look for a very long time, so it's the red couch with him looking very pale in white stretchd out sick-and the brown part, is that the window? the shades? And he gave me a good preterit, imperfect review. ."estuve in casa. . porque estaba enfermo. . "-sorry to hear you have sickness; I suppose it's that time of year. many hugs

Naomi Smith said...

I checked with Malachai; the brown is curtains, the gray - - the little loops that hold the curtains up

(and I always thought I had chosen a discrete rod . . .)

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