Monday, January 12, 2009

wash day (has to be pretty much every day in Spain)

the average load capacity of a Spanish washing machine is (in my humble volume evaluating opinion) about half of the average load capacity of a typical American washing machine.
this used to drive me a bit mad. but really, it all makes sense
this is how I see it all fitting together:
Spanish living spaces are small
the typical installation point for a washing machine is in the kitchen. the kitchens are small.
people just. don't. own. dryers. (I'll reserve my thoughts on that for my exciting "drying clothes in Spain" blog entry - - yer excited, aren't you?)
the most common location for your laundry line is on the teeny tiny porch just off your kitchen
there isn't much space on your tiny line (on your tiny porch) to hang many clothes
so really, it wouldn't make sense to be able to wash a large load anyway.


Debbie said...

I hear that Ukraine doesn't have dryers, either. There are some sort of clothes-drying contraptions in the apartments that adoptive parents rent. We were thinking of getting a clothes line and putting it in our basement. Maybe. Would like to take a portable one to Ukraine!

Abigail said...

love the red pants Selma is wearing!