Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When we put Malachai down to bed at night, we try to have him thank God for at least one good thing He has given us or done for us during the day. Sunday night I said to Malachai - - "Malachai, let's thank God for . . . " and he finished my sentence . . . "that Alli is in heaven with Jesus!"

we are thankful that Allison is in heaven with Jesus - - our hope and joy is REAL! we are grappling, though, with the reality of the pain of death. I hurt so much for their loss! Luke, Jodi, and the rest of the family have blessed us as they "trust in the Lord with all their heart"; I am thankful for them; they are amazing! As I try to think of ways to bless them these days, I feel a bit like an umpa- lumpa offering to help Goliath reach the dishes in the top cupboard . . .

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

we had a wonderful time studying the gospel of Mark this afternoon with Javi and Maite. After Mark we all went to the park for a walk together; I was reminded of how much I enjoy the Spanish evening "paseo"; our park was filled with families - - moms pushing baby prams, the grandparents sitting on benches, fathers kicking soccer balls to their boys in the grass - - everyone was out!

One of Maite and Javi's boys, Sergio, (almost 4 years old) brought his bicycle, and had Malachai put his feet on the training wheel bars and his arms around Sergio's waist as Sergio peddled; what a pair! they were so cute; I wish I had thought to bring my camera! next time . . .

Monday, August 21, 2006

Rachel is back (yay!) from her trip to the US; she came back bearing gifts - - flaming hot cheetos, chocolate chips, a puzzle for Malachai . . . it is good to have her back - - reading books to Malachai (the long ones!), sharing her hummus with Josu, helping clean the kitchen the frantic five minutes before my guests arrive, provoking good conversation at the dinner table . . .

pictures of Josu, wearing some of those gifts (thanks Caroline!)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

we spent yesterday at a nearby castle with our friends Jesus and Marian. it was a wonderfully typical Spanish outing - - we left here at about 10am, drove an hour to the castle of Javier (Navarra's patron saint), spent an hour or two exploring the castle, and then ate our bocadillos (sandwiches - - but on baguettes) . . . and then just sat and talked, and then laid down on the grass and talked, and took a cat nap, and then ate and talked some more, and them we walked around a bit and found a place for our afternoon coffee . . . and talked. I think we made it back home at about 8pm - - well pleased with our day.