Thursday, January 18, 2007

oh my! so much has happened since my last post . . . we have been to Texas, California, and back. Our trip was wonderful; we got to see many people that we love dearly (although there never seems to be a way to see everyone that we want, or to spend enough time with the ones we do see!) While I can't write about everything on our trip that was so lovely and is still buzzing in my head, I thought I would just share some images that I think communicate some of that lovely buzzing . . . .


Anonymous said...

yea! a new post!!glad you made it home safely. i see that you are enjoying your new camera. :)
it sure was wonderful to see you guys and spend some quality hours pondering the things of the Lord and how we can practically love him more and more. we give thanks to God for your commitment to Him and for letting your love for Jesus sharpen us. we appreciate you so much!


ps. hello to rachel also :) it was nice to see her in some of your pictures.

Naomi said...

I bet we enjoyed more than you did!

Anonymous said...

who is that handsome chap with your husband in that last photo?

we love you, thanks for the pictures