Friday, December 08, 2006

we have been spending a lot of suitcase time together as we pack up for our trip to the US for Abi's (my sister) wedding. I need to stop by Malachai's school tomorrow morning to write down the address; I promised Malachai we would send his class a letter. I am hoping that we will even get two off - - maybe one from texas and one from California. I am trying to think of what a class full of three year olds would like to see pictures of . . . maybe some things that would be unique to Cristmas in the United States and with a Christian family . Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I think a great picture would be of houses and yards all lit up for Christmas. We have a house around the corner that has a quite large Nativity scene outside. Malachai and Josu could be in the picture too.

We are looking forward to our evening out with the family looking at all the Houses in town.

stephanie said...

How about all those yummy cookies we decorated! Some good pictures of family and friends working, playing, or just fellowshipping as they share life and the joy of Christ might be fun as well. 'Specially with that nice new camera :)

jlelovesjesus said...

hey naomi

it was great seeing joshua preach at fcc it was very encouraging!