Monday, January 22, 2007

I realized this week that I have become a miserably apathetic prayer-er. my prayers as of late have become not much more than a verbal (or mental)discipline. As I was praying a couple of days ago it dawned on me that I would actually feel surprised if the friend I was praying for called me up to let me know that my prayer had been answered - - not because I think that my God isn't capable or willing, but because I was so disengaged mentally and emotionally as I was praying, ! didn't necessarily expect God to answer.
I have purposed today to, whether I am praying on my knees or (the more likely) with my hands in the soapy dish water, be more engaged in my requests to my listening God.

Hebe asked today if we would plan a coffee give-away for this up-coming friday morning. Please pray (passionately!) with me as week seek to communicate God's love in a practical way to the individuals waiting in the information line at the immigration office.

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darcie said...

Naomi, I appreciate your honest and humble challenge to my own heart concerning apathetic prayer; I ask myself what it truly means to be earnestly devoted to prayer?

love you,