Friday, January 26, 2007

coffee outreach today - - it was so, so good! we wondered if anyone would be out; teperatures have been the lowest we've had this winter in Pamplona, and we thought people would be prone to put off waiting in the immigration line until the cold passed. there were fewer individuals in line, but the crowd was a grateful one! (made getting out of bed at 5:45 worth it!)
Again, we are thankful for Carlos and Hebe who have been so encouraging to us. These pictures are of Carlos and Joshua prepping for our coffee give away in Carlos and Hebe's coffee shop.

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Stephanie said...

We are home! Thanks for praying. We love the cute little shirt for Rachel. Your mom brought it over last night when she brought us some yummy soup. My recovery will be slow - Csection as well as adjusting to the seizure meds again but we have a sweet healthy daughter and Dennis is such a wonderful helpful daddy!!