Monday, January 29, 2007

I got together with some moms from Malachai's school this afternoon to sew costumes. Next month is Carnaval - - the crazy celebration that happens before lent. It's a big thing in the schools here; all the kids dress up and put on a show for the moms and pops. Apparently Malachai's school does a theme every year. This year is "science through the ages" and the 3, 4 & 5 year olds are dressing up like fire, the printing press and the light bulb. Joshua and I really aren't sure about the moral implications of Spain's celebration of carnaval - - how far removed is Malachai's fire costume from the evil origens of the celebration? (maybe we're asking ourselves the same questions U.S. parents deal with Halloween in the States) We will participate this year, observe carefully and evaluate it all so that we can be wiser more imformed parents next year!


Anonymous said...

hey naomi
i love and miss you guys!

darcie said...

I appreciate your observation-evaluation process on this issue, Naomi. Can't wait to see a photo of our grandson looking like "fire".


brenda said...

I love sewing halloween costumes for my kids, they love to imagine and dress up. Hopefully this celebration is innocent and fun.

Your photography skills are getting better and better. :)