Tuesday, January 23, 2007

yesterday was "family day"; we braved the cold and the 10 snow flakes and went downtown to scout out the rebajas (Spain's sales - - which only happed twice a year) for another blanket to put on our bed. I found one that I was pleased with - - brown and 50% off. we then went for a coffee. These are sweet times together as a family.

mom emailed me last night that my dear friend Stephanie had a major seizure after giving birth to her baby girl. I rejoice with Stephanie and Dennis at the birth of baby Rachel Susanne, but I feel a bit like the created world that Paul talks about in Romans 8:18-25 - - anxiously longing for freedom for a corrupted world - - eagerly looking forward to a world free of sin and sickness.
my heart is heavy yet hopeful; Stephanie and Dennis, my prayers are with you today.

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jonah said...


Great pics of you guys. Love it.

Hope to see you soon.