Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have spent my morning cleaning. As I scrub my kitchen counter I find myself chanting over and over- - like a mantra - - the little sayings that the Spanish women have gently shared with me - - "as soon as we make a mess, we clean the mess" or "the woman who makes less of a mess is a woman who has less of a mess to clean" . . . .
We invited Higinio and Loly to come over tonight to watch the soccer game and eat some chocolate cake, and I want to be ready for them. we haven't had them over since we have been back, and I enjoy them so much; If I get everything ready now I can interact more fully with them when they are here.


TheBlueRaja said...

I enjoy readng the portion in quotes in a thick pseudo-Spanish accent.

Mrs.Raja said...


I love that you have a blog. How wonderful that we get more of a peek into your daily life and I get to pray more personally for your day or week. I miss you guys and love you.


ps You were up in the early morning cleaning? Impressive.