Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's hot today, and so I am doing the only real reasonable thing to do on a day like this - - loads and loads of laundry. My clothes are drying on the line as quickly as I can pump them in and out of the washing machine; I can deal more graciously Spain's anti-dryer bendt on a day like this! 5 loads down, 3 to go.

we are beginning to think that Josu is part hovercraft. He still is not crawling, but if we sit him on one side of the room, he mysteriously shows up un the opposite side of the room five minutes later - - in the same sitting position; how he got there, we know not; we think he just levitates and maneuvers.

we picked up our residency cards today (no line this time! we just showed up with the "magical papers" that were given to us last month, and we got ushered to the front of the line and given our cards) It is a relief to have this taken care of. we were expecting to be able to pick them up, but have learned to hold loosely to our expectations. we are thankful for all the ways God has worked in this process - - from applying for visas to having our residency cards in hand, He has certainly had His gracious hand in it all

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brenda said...

Praise God that that is finally out of the way! Kiss your little hovercraft for us. Tyler & Allie send a big hug to Malachai.