Monday, June 12, 2006

it is fun to see Malachai picking up Spanish again; sometimes he will say to me "will you please not say, 'sit down', will you please say 'sientate'" . . . or he'll say to me "mama! there goes a coche! (car) " . . or "to say water in Spanish, you say agua!" It is fascinating to watch his little mind at work - - sorting through two languages.

We went for a Cafe con leche this morning and saw my friend Berta; I wonder if she will gradually phase out of my life; I had quite a bit of purposeful interaction with her before we left Spain last year, but was seemed really indifferent to meaningful conversation - -not just blatantly, obvious bible talk, but anything that involved life/world/self (even when it was MYself) evauation/critique. I will keep being friendly, of course, but I think that our trip to the states has functioned as a natural relational break.

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stephanie troyer said...

Hurrah! Now I can leave you a comment. I'm glad that the culture adjustment seems to be going well. This weekend is our jr. high camping trip. It should be good if I can find the time to properly prepare. I think I will wimp out and take an air matress and a fan with me. :)