Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm waiting for Maite (my upstairs neighbor) to come by. we made plans to go running together this morning. We ran together a bit last year - - before I got pregnant with Josu, and I found that it was a great time to chat with her; we never jog too fast so we can talk, and we end up hanging out and talking after a bit too. Joshua and I (and - - go ahead - -you too!) are praying that both Maite and her husband Javi will commit to doing a 4 week bible study with us in the fall. the nice thing about running with Maite is that it puts us in regular contact with them (it's amazing how we can literally live within 15 feet of each other and never see each other unless we make plans to!) and almost every time we interact with them it is good.

one really great thing about Pamplona, by the way, is that it is a wonderful city to jog in - - the sidewalks are very large and there are crosswalks (pedestrian has the right-away!) everywhere - - tremendously pedestrian/jogger friendly. this is particularly helpful with a jogging stroller. . .


darcie said...

this morning we prayed for Javi and Maite; thanks for sharing that detail. Yesterday at the zoo I carried baby Julia in the baby bjorm and I thought of Josu.

love, Mom

popi said...

Howdi Malachai, your cousin Amaleah wanted to go on the bicycle today, but she does not have a helmet nor is there a children's seat on my racer for you guys. I guess we have to get a bike for you. Someday when we come to visit you, (If the roads are friendly) we can go riding together because I can't run fast like your mom.
love, popi