Saturday, July 08, 2006

so after coming to the conclusion that maybe God is gently bringing by friendship with Berta to a close . . . I keep seeing her! I have run into her several times at the coffee shop where she has taken the initiative to "invite" (a very Spanish concept) - - sat at my table, encouraged her little girl Clara to do Malachai's puzzle with him, and paid for my coffee. she has asked for my telephone number to call me, and tells me that her Clara asks for Malachai every day. I don't know! I will keep interacting with her and enjoying her. I was encouraged by Jodi Veldt in our last team meeting to be praying that God would clearly direct me to the woman in whose heart He is working. I struggle with knowing how to trust God to do this while at the same time still being purposeful and intentional about pursuing individuals. however it works out, I am praying more, and that is good.


Gab said...

Well, I guess I'm the worst friend because I haven't left a comment, and just now have read your blog!
And I just wrote a bunch more but it was all deleted by my daughter!!! Anyway, I miss you! I know the Lord will give you strength as you pursue relationships, as He always has. I have always looked up to you for your ability to pursue people.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

I too just read your blog and was thinking about you after reading your latest email. We at Anchor love you all and you now have a whole church that prays for you. We are reaching 20-25 every Sunday and it is very exciting. Tomorrow will be the Lee's last Sunday with us. They have sold their house and rented an apartment in the San Fernando Valley, Tarzana to be exact.

We are encouraged at what God is doing even after a summer of losing the starting families. Good news, Anchor had its first baby born on Wednesday. Little Ian. Mariah and I just got back from meeting him.

Well I send my love for the whole family and hope you are doing well and readjusting to Spain life.

Hasta Luego.