Wednesday, September 10, 2008

portrait of a scratcher

uh, what's that, Josu? what do you want me to do? why are you scratching your head? pointing at the camera?
scratch, point. scratch, point.
oh. you want me to take a picture of you scratching your head. of course - - it makes perfect sense that you would want that. alright, go ahead and stand there and scratch.
well now, that turned out nicely.

oh, and Yesterday we found out from Malachai that his English teacher speaks "half English, half gibberish" . . . . interesting . . . .


mrsdestroyer said...

Perhaps he is speaking UbbyDubby or any one of like languages that children of that age "discover" I had one kinder student that I had to tell that it was fine to talk ubbydubby to his classmates but he had to speak regular English when I asked him a question! :)

darcie said...

well, most likely that's what a five year old Spaniard would say about me, "hmm, half Spanish, half gibberish. . ."