Thursday, September 11, 2008

go ahead and touch, but please don't pull

Selma found her earrings today; let's hope she doesn't rip those little suckers out of her lobes.
Sometimes she makes this face and then it gets stuck there. really.


Caroline said...

Adelaide has not discovered her earrings yet...let me know how the training goes, and then, if you don't mind, pass your tips on to me:)

Gabby said...

I've witnessed this face in person, and I love makes me want to squeeze her..oh I miss her (and you , of course)...sorry I haven't been checking your post, last I checked on it, nothing new. That was a while back! I am so not on the computer anymore with all this homeschooling!

Naomi Smith said...

Gab, yeah . . . I was wondering why you hadn't written extensive comments on all of my posts and pictures! :)
we miss you too!

Caroline, so far it's just been delighted interest on Selma's part; I'm hoping it stays that way!

Amber said...

Doesn't get much cuter than that! What a doll!

Gabby said...

Amaleah said "who's that?" I said "Selma," she said "smells like Selma."