Monday, September 08, 2008

off to school, my boys! be educated!

people worry. often, people worry about their own kids. Sometimes people worry about other people's kids. I think that in our neighborhood a lot of people worry about my kids; they worry that since they don't go to preschool at age two, that they will be permanently scarred - - unable to socialize or fit into group activities or learn how to share.

we heard good news from Josu's teacher today as she delightedly told us that she was surprised at how well Josu had done on his first day of school; especially since he had never been to preschool!

good job little man; good job!


GreenEggsandSam said...

yay! good job Joshua AND mom/dad!
Way to not cave and give your kids over to someone just cuz society says to.

darcie said...

great to hear the school news; I've been praying for Josu and this new transition. Miss you all

Jacquelyn said...

I thought that was just a California thing! I think most mothers are qualified to teach their children colors, shapes, numbers and letters! Sounds like you got an A+ in teaching Josu.

Corey said...

Yea, Josu! These guys are SO adorable, too. I just want to pinch Josu's cheeks.

Grandma said...

I am not surprised that Josu had a wonderful day. You, Joshua, and Malachai have taught him to be kind, share, and think of others.

Great Job!!

Josu and Malachai look so cute!!