Tuesday, September 30, 2008

compliments. kind of. the mystery solved.

ha! you'll never guess what just happened to me!
we were having a bit of an afternoon stroll around the park, when a kindly older gentleman struck up a conversation with Selma; and we chatted it up about redheads
me: "yeah, I have three of them, can you believe it?"
kindly older gentleman: "in the pueblo that I grew up in, there was a whole family of redheads!"
me: "that must have been one good looking family"
. . . and the conversation continued on for a bit like that . . . and then he said it - - "and they don't have freckles!"
so I did my part - - "well, I have freckles, so you never know . . ."
and then he said - - "noooooo . . . you don't have freckles . . . you may have some zits, but you don't have freckles . . ."

well now, that explains it all.
and I'm taking it as a compliment.
on a completely unrelated note, I'm off to wash my face.
a picture of Selma, looking far into her future when people will think that all her freckles are just zits


Kasey said...

oh my gosh. wow. anyway, you know everyone thinks that you are wonderfully adorable and beautiful. and i personally love your freckles.

Megan said...

oh, so funny. Why don't people think before they speak? I for one happy to like freckles. My sister always had freckles which she never liked but I did. Anyways, I agree with Kasey about you being adorable and beautiful with your freckles.

Jacquelyn said...

Um... I don't get it. You clearly have freckles! I wonder why there is such a national aversion to freckles and I wonder what "the freckled kind" looks like?

Dawn said...

Too funny!
sort of.

Rachel said...

And now I'M off to wash MY face.

Caroline said...

Very Funny...It's good to know that zits are much better than freckles...where do age spots fit in?

Amber said...

That is too funny! Ha ha! What a random comment to say to someone! Ahh... so funny!