Thursday, April 22, 2010

we told the kids we'd only stay five minutes . . .

we went to the park yesterday afternoon;
we almost didn't go.

we ran into so many people
and had so many conversations

I can't believe we almost didn't go

that's what I say every time

Selma snagged Carlos' moto and went for a spin. That's why all the 2-year-olds go to the park - - to check out each other's rides.

if you want to find out more about the toddler moto culture in Spain, read this


IZAS said...

las telas y lanas son preciosas, muchísimas gracias por pensar en mí! Así tengo un recuerdo muy bonito de vosotros.
A mis twins seguro que les encantarán sus nuevos libros!
Selma está muy guapa en la moto!

naomi said...

hola noemi!

Abigail said...

what sweet little legs Selma has! oh so cute.