Sunday, April 18, 2010

flowers for my friend

My friend Gabriela is in the hospital this week;
I went by to visit her yesterday; I scrounged in Rachel's give-away pile right before I left home and found a cute little yellow pitcher and a shiny pink ribbon; and then ran by the shop to pick up some flowers
to stick in the yellow pitcher
to wrap up with a pink ribbon
(flower arranging is cheap and easy when other people give away pretty things!)

We had a fun visit.
I like Gabriela - - a lot.
I like that I can give her my old Martha Stewart baby magazines and she gasps and holds them to her chest and starts flipping through them right away.
I like that she loves her baby boy so much and that she speaks kindly about her husband.
I like that yesterday, when I sheepishly gave her my half used Burt's bees creams in her hospital care package, she didn't even bat an eye; she only gushed thanks - - acting as if I was doing her a huge favor by leaving them with her.
and I like that she told me that the flowers I brought her made her think of something her grandmother would have given her; isn't that a sweet, thoughtful compliment?


Gabrielle said...

you are so thoughtful, and what a sweet little arrangement you made, and yes, what a precious compliment..I think any little housewife would beam at receiving such a compliment...

darcie said...

and how is Gabriela? I think about her. . .

adornedlife said...

"when other people give away pretty things..." can you tell that my mind is residing in "beauty" lately?! i absolutely love this - your beautiful arrangement and the beauty it brought to your friend. when in the UK i had the privilege of taking instruction from a british florist and now am using those skills as a work-from-home florist. (hence the flower cross "tradition" in our home.) the Spirit just yesterday stirred my mind, heart and soul to do just that: give away pretty things. i think it will be called "the may day project" (on may 1st, tweaking that tradition a bit)...get my girls involved in sharing beauty to those who might be calling out "mayday mayday!" ... sure wish you could come along. :)

btw - i did get your e-mail...probably should have sent this via e-mail as it is a bit lengthy!