Sunday, April 11, 2010

the lamb was amazing . . .

Pablo's mom has been trying for months now to get us out to their pueblo (it's where their family retreats to on the weekends). We finally made plans to visit last week.
"it will be a special Easter get-together" she told me
"we'll roast a lamb in Vicente's brick oven!"
it was beautiful.
God gave us a gorgeous day;
Pablo, Malachai, Josu and Selma spent hours in the warm sun - - with futbols and wooden swords and Pablo's fake bull head mounted on a bicycle wheel that can be pushed around to simulate a bull run or a bull fight (they start'em young, I tell you!)

Trini and I spent the morning making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen (I promised her three months ago that I would) and putting the finishing touches on the dress I'm making for Selma (Trini used to own a little sewing shop)

Joshua and Vicente spent the day roaming around Vicente's little country acre - - looking at Vicente's garden, checking the suckling lamb in the brick oven, sitting at the porch table - - all the while talking about things like:
Vicente's role in heading up that Catholic charity ministry in Pamplona
and his methods for making home made wine,
but mostly they talked about the resurrection of Jesus.
Vicente insisted that Christ's resurrection was not a physical resurrection
Joshua insisted that it had to be physical
back and forth they argued - - with Trini in the background calling over her shoulder every now and then - - reminding Vicente to lower his voice and to stop swearing so much.

we had said we would leave by 7 pm - - at the latest.
at 8:30 we started packing up into to car, saying our final goodbye's

The following day Trini called us from the pueblo. she wanted to say sorry to Joshua for the way that Vicente kept trying to provoke him
("oh no" Joshua told her "don't worry about it; plus, I can push pretty hard myself!")

and she said that Vicente had one of the best days he's had in a really long time
("us too" he told her "us too")


darcie said...

thanks for sharing this, Naomi-lots of thoughts come to mind when I read the description of your time in the Pueblo, mainly I'm thankful that you really made the time to go and spend the entire day and into the night with Trini and Vicente even when you're in the midst of the moving "chaos"-or perhaps it's not so chaotic. . God gives human strength as we focus on His kingdom priorities. love-

Gabrielle said...

I'm so glad you got to do that. Where was this Pueblo located? Did the cinnamon rolls turn out yummy? It's very encouraging to me how you are making every last minute count! Good for you!

Naomi Smith said...

mom - - we knew it would be all day and we took a deep breath and chose to go. we were so glad we did (we knew that too, though . . . we knew it would be good!)

Gab - - their pueblo is about a 50 minute drive from Pamplona; and the cinnamon rolls turned out better than I expected! (making something in a kitchen that is not my own is always a bit risky, you know?) . . . and they were an easy crowd to please

Rachel said...

naomi -- great post! great because you described it all so well, and really great because I know that this day was a result of so many other days/moments of intentional living.

p.s. you're my blogging hero, and I'm not just saying that because I want you to make me lunch.....