Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pack everything away . . . but not the coffee pot

today I washed my coffee pot. As I scrubbed, I thought that maybe I should pack it away today;
I really need to be putting the final suitcases together.

I remembered, though, that we still have some chocolate cake in the fridge;
and when Trini brings her sister over to pick up the bookshelves today, I really want to invite them for some cake.
and coffee.

and we wanted to invite Mikel over while his wife is in the Hospital this week;
I was going to feed him some cake
(he's a professional baker, with a dream to open up his own shop in Chile)
and make him give me tips on how to make it better.
He'll need coffee with that cake to give a fair evaluation.

and, when we said goodbye to Txutxin and Marian on Sunday, Marian gave us all hugs but told us they weren't her last hugs - - and that she was going to find a way to hug us again before we left.
She says that my coffee pot makes really good coffee, so I might need to make coffee for them sometime before I leave.

I can't possibly pack my coffee pot yet.
what was I thinking?


lizibeth said...

oh yes, coffee absolutely essential!
there are few things that can facilitate good conversation like a cup of coffee, plus it keeps you going during late night packing - such a GOOD gift from God. :)

mrsdestroyer said...

My Rachel was looking at the picture and asked who that was.

"Baby Selma"
"No, she's a big girl now. She goes pee pee on the potty."
"Yes, I guess she's a big girl now."

She evidently remembers that from when Rachel N and I were talking on the phone!

adornedlife said...

love how you are inviting in...even as you are moving out. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Coffee is the center of your ministry! You have had so many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ over your coffee and cake. Continue until the end.............

Mrs. Nichole J. said...

I agree with the above comment!
Your such a wonderfull hostess for sure to be so thoughtfull!

And java.. ah java... makes one want to sit and fellowship!