Tuesday, April 27, 2010

almost done

We leave Pamplona on Thursday.
Our stuff is packed away into 11 suitcases;
what hasn't been packed has been spread throughout our friends' and neighbors' homes
or set by the trash bin for an unknown neighbor to pick up (when no one is looking)

we're feeling tired
and pretty good.


Rachel said...

I loved seeing you in the pasteleria today -- surrounded by all those women who you have brought together!
(and it's obvious they WILL miss you.)

IZAS said...

Yes, we will miss you a lot!

Traci said...

Praying for you guys as you transition...

Gabrielle said...

So I wonder what your next title for your next blog will be? We are praying for you this week! Love you!

Carlee said...

Hey Naomi! Are you leaving permanently? Where are you headed next?

IZAS said...

Hola Naomi!
ya estáis en vuestro destino?
Os echamos de menos!

Naomi Smith said...

Gab - - any suggestions?

Carlee - - we have left Spain (permanently) and are in LA (mostly) thorough the end of the year till we figure out the next step.

Izas - - ya estamos - - Y os echamos muuuucho en falta; en serio! no te imaginas lo mucho que quiero invitaros al cafe de esta mañana!:)

Sybrand and Beth de Swardt said...

Is your sister staying or leaving too?

Ana y Miguel said...

Hi! thanks to Rachel we know you have arrived well. We will continue with the coffee...but nothing is the same...Un beso

Naomi Smith said...

hi Beth! - - Rachel is staying for about another month until she finishes the Masters degree she is doing at a university in Spain

no me obliges a llorar! un beso muy fuerte. muy, MUY fuerte!

Rachel said...

i keep thinking..."I know I have a perfect picture for ______." Then I realize no, it was YOU who had the perfect pictures for _____.

missing you for all sorts of reasons.