Sunday, February 14, 2010

when we were in London:

Once, not too long ago (last week in fact)
Joshua took me to the British Royal Academy of Music (well, it was Abi and Nathaniel, really, that took the whole family; but Joshua was there)
where we sat on a bench and ate Nigerian goat stew and Brazilian beef sandwiches;
and kissed while an opera singer practiced her scales in the background.
It was spectacular.
Even if your setup can't quite match up (I know, Nigerian goat stew is hard to beat), I highly recommend that you kiss the one you love; every day; several times a day

(and teach your children to cheer for you every time you do)


Abigail said...

such good advise!

Gabrielle said...

thanks for the good girls always ask "are you getting engaged again?" when we kiss...

Heather Pelczar said...

:D May grabs our necks and pushes our faces together when we hug. We love it. lol I love that your children cheer when they see you kiss the one you love. :)