Monday, February 01, 2010

weekend in review: part two

Saturday morning:
our doorbell rang.
it was our mailman.
the one who we say hi to every day;
the one who pokes his head into the coffee shop to tell us we have (x number of) letters waiting for us in our mail box;
the one we gave Christmas cookies to - - and a beenie on that day when it was snowing and he had no hat.

well, he doesn't normally come up; he usually stays downstairs where the mailboxes are, but on this particular Saturday morning he did - - he came up to tell us that his rout was changing, and that he wanted to say goodbye,
and to assure us that he had briefed the new mailman about how we are an American family that gets all sorts of mail and packages from across the sea, and how we need special looking out for.
I invited him in; of course I invited him in! (and I tried to position him so that he was looking toward the cleanest corner of the kitchen - - kind of like I do with my camera, you know?)
"You are leaving?" we asked him
"We are leaving!" we announced
and then there was a flurry to find paper to exchange addresses and then wishing each other the best, and off he went.
he left and I wrinkled my nose and clenched my fists (it's what I do when I think of something I'm embarrassed about)
and reminded myself of my resolve to keep inviting people in.
every time.
even when it's messy.
every time.


Jacquelyn said...

there's a big red mark on my forehead where I just slapped it. Of course I should have invited my friend in when she dropped off my kids after school. I didn't because it was too messy ... you guys are such an inspiration and encouragement to me!! -- Next time!

Corey said...

Good job! I totally know what you mean about the fight against my pride of a clean house versus loving others in spite of my lack of "perfection" - whatever that is - thanks for sharing your struggles and successes with all of us...

Naomi Smith said...

thanks, my friends. (really)

Gabrielle said...

What about when you're in your pajamas? Now I'm feeling bad last weekend when I sort of didn't invite some people in because I was in my PJ's (it was 10:30 pm) and nursing a baby...I did slightly invite them in but they new I was half-hearted! Hmm, I need to think about this! Good for you..

Naomi Smith said...

mmmm . . . I didn't include that part (I felt bad enough about the mess!) I was in my pj's too.
BUT I was not nursing a baby.
(and your resolve doesn't need to be exactly like my resolve, right?)