Monday, February 01, 2010

weekend in review: part three

Sunday night:
The church had come and gone. there were carrot cake crumbs from the Lord's table still on the floor; Brett had stayed for dinner and the dishes were still in the sink, the floor a sticky mess.
It was late, and I was tired.
but I didn't go to bed. Instead, I stayed up a little bit later
and just cleaned.


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Hang in there girl!

Praying for you all the way from texas.

I'm encouraged by you.


Gabrielle said...

Ahhh. That feeling after all is clean and well and you can drop your sleepy head on your pillow. Friday nights are my night for that!

Naomi Smith said...

thanks Nichole!

Gab - - I will get to vist you on a Friday night! (I will help you to scrub)