Monday, February 15, 2010

culture 101

when Jeremiah and Mercy visited this Christmas, we taught them how to sound cultured.
"when you get back to the States" we told them, "don't say 'when we were in Europe' . . . say 'last time we were in Europe . . .'
"and try to fit it into as many conversations as you can" we coached them.

like this:
last time we were in London, Joshua took me to see Wicked at the Apollo theater.



darcie said...

I love these pics-and the orange sweater and sigh. . .I'm not very cultured-but I did tell Papi the other day, "No shorts in Europe in March. . ."

Gabrielle said...

lovely and cultured, to be sure...cute red binoculars by the way...

Naomi Smith said...

mom, just tell papi that if he does wear shorts, he has to wear socks and birkenstocks too so that everyone thinks he's german

Desiree said...

Oh my goodness! Mercy looks like a young Sally Field in that pic. Beautiful girls!!