Friday, February 05, 2010

to London, to London!

I was praying with Malachai in bed last night. Malachai's prayer went on a bit longer than normal;

because he loves talking to God? very possibly.

because he loves talking to God and I was scratching his back at the same time? even more possible.

"please, God" he begged "help tonight be long enough for us to rest really well, but short enough for tomorrow to come really fast"

this morning we're off to London to do some business and (most importantly) to visit Abi and Nathaniel.

(and we're all very excited!)


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful visit with Abi and Nathaniel. Tell them we said "Hi"!

We hope the conference goes well too and you bring back a lot of ideas.



Gabrielle said...

looks like you have some strange commenters lately...

Naomi Smith said...

I'll tell them, Ginny!

Gab - - I know! it happens with pretty much every post these days; I think I need to up the security.

Anonymous said...

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