Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the Simpsons are funny and all, but . . .

Josu's birthday is coming up.
The day of his birthday we are having a big Thanksgiving to do at our place; our Christian community will eat together and reflect on well . . .giving thanks . . ;we all have friends or family that we are thankful for, and we'll invite them to come and join us.
and there will be little time to focus on celebrating Josu.

Friday, though, I will take some birthday treats to Josu's school for him to share with his class. he asked me to make a cake with Bart Simpson - - "just like Stephanie brought for her birthday"; he showed me - - his tooshie pushed out, making a kissy face.
I said something like "yeah right, kid"

I'm going to make the cutest little sugar cookies with little faces on them. In fact, I was going to make them this afternoon; and then I found out that my oven wasn't working.

So we spent some extra time at the park,
where we played a rousing game of five flies up
(except for Selma who did her own thing)
this is Josu telling us all to go back, back, waaay back:
this is Joshua running in place because he knows Josu can't throw it waaay back:
When we got home from the park we called the oven technician, and he's supposed to come by tomorrow. I'll pay him anything he wants.
I have a turkey to cook on Sunday,
and cookies to bake before Friday.


Megan said...

Beautiful pics. Hope your oven gets fixed soon. Funny how if they're going to give out, it seems to happy right before a major event.
My dad fixes appliances and always has a rush right before Thanksgiving. Some people allow their ovens not to work ALL YEAR and then call and HAVE to have it fixed the day before Thanksgiving. :) Praying that you're all doing well.

Naomi Smith said...

Hi Megan!
ha! that's funny.
thankfully, there is no thanksgiving rush here in Spain! the oven guy called this morning and said he will come by this afternoon between 5&6. I'm hoping it will be quick and painless!

Anonymous said...

The football looks so innocent; don't be deceived it broke my finger!

darcie said...

can't wait to see the sweet faces on those sugar cookies-Happy Birthday dear Josu!
love Papi and Gran

Gabrielle said...

Oh your family is just beautiful. I'll be posting pics soon, but we haven't transfered out pics yet to this new computer (we're sort of illiterate that way and have to pay the store to do it for us....:)

Heather Pelczar said...

What is "five flies up"?