Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks on November twenty-two

Words of thanks from Josu this week

"thank you, God for this food
that we have eaten for three days!
that is so crazy!"

we had a very nice Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. Sitting all around my table there were:
church family,
friends of friends

(just the way Thanksgiving should be)

Brett shared about some of the history of Thanksgiving,
Joshua asked some provocative questions about the concept of being thankful (he never disappoints!)
and we all shared about what we are thankful for (which is, in my understanding of Thanksgiving dinner, a given. All families, all over the united states of America do that, right?)

also, I think it should be known that I believe that pumpkin pie has never looked quite so good as it did with four candles poking out of the top!


Heather Pelczar said...

HAPPY Birthday Josu!!!!

Gabrielle said...

and it never looked as good without thatcute little smirk on josu's face

Naomi Smith said...

funny boy Josu .. . .
I still don't know if he was TRYING to be funny, or if he thought he was giving me a cute smile; it lasted for about four pictures, too . . .