Friday, November 20, 2009

Josu's almost four day

The oven technician came last night- - but didn't have the right piece.
In desperation I called my friend Ana and asked if I could use her oven for an bit
"of course", Ana said, "as long as you don't mind that my house is kind of a mess"
"oh, no, no, no . . ." I promised her "I totally don't mind"
(um, her messy house is cleaner than my just-cleaned house)

so I packed up my sugar cookie dough rounds and hung out at her place for a pleasant hour.

and this morning, (gracias Ana!) I had cookies to take to Josu's class; I actually got to go into the classroom and read Josu's class a book, and join along with the class in singing the happy birthday song, and watch Josu's sweet rosy face beam as he got the birthday crown and passed out the birthday treats.
(I don't think any Spanish mother in the history of the school has ever gotten to do that; I'm blazing trails here.)
To continue the celebration , Josu wore his birthday crown to the dentist office where he got two cavities filled - - without any anesthetic, I might add.
you didn't know that was possible?
neither did I.
the hygienist and dentist told me he behaved perfectly in every way
(I think it's because he's almost four)


Anonymous said...

What a special day for you and Josu. He looks the happiest I have ever seen him. I'm sure it was because he was the center of attention, had the most wonderful cookies his Mama had made and hey, he is Four years old (well almost)

I am so thankful that Josu has the best mother ever....

Love Ginny

Gabrielle said...

and those cookies were continue to impress with your creativity...I'm trying to be more like you in that way...The other day, Julia said, "Mommy, when I turn 4 can my cake have pink icing?" Sure honey...

emily said...

his face is priceless:)

Naomi Smith said...

thanks, Ginny!

Gab, pink icing, huh? let me know if you pull that one off! :) (seriously, though, if you make a pink icing that you like, PLEASE pass on the recipe because I have yet to make a non chocolate frosting that I actually like)

Amber said...

Awesome cookies... so cute! And Josu's face in that picture is just adorable!