Thursday, November 12, 2009

apartment living in Spain

I suspect that the neighbors one floor down and one over kept pressing their snooze button between 6am and 7am

and that this resulted in the neighbor below us pounding repeatedly on the wall between 6am and 7am

which is why we couldn't sleep between 6am and 7am
and climbed out of bed tired and a little bit grouchy.

but we can break this chain reaction.
it doesn't have to go any further;
we choose.


darcie said...

I love this post-and that's exactly how we live our lives to the glory of God, one choice at a time-thanks for the reminder.
(and I can pray you'll sleep through the pounding. . .)

Catherine said...

I feel your pain. Between the garbage men, the high school marching band practice, the garden people and noisy neighbors, most morning are interrupted. Lots of practice to try and have a good attitude. You'd think I'd be better at it by now ;)

lizandbunyan said...

Love the pic you posted! Love never fails...

Anonymous said...

I still remember trying to be "quiet" for the neighbor downstairs. Maybe this would be a great opportunity to chat with your neighbor and casually say, I wish our neighbor would wake up when their alarm goes off!

GreenEggsandSam said...

Good job! Way to make a 'higher road' choice.
ALSO, it's somehow comforting to know that alarm clock drama in an international phenom and not just a US thing. :)

Heather Pelczar said...

I love that picture.