Tuesday, November 04, 2008

what my neighbors have to say about the elections:

Juan Luis: (a pasteleria contact) "I don't care who wins, I just hope that whoever wins brings success to your country - - because if you do well, we'll do well"

Begonia: (a friend - - and a mother of one of Malachai's classmates) "I was watching the news last night and saw huge, huge lines of people waiting to vote for your future president; AND I heard that in the United States, you don't get four hours off of work to go to vote like we do here in Spain; I could hardly believe it - - with the Unites States supposedly being a forward country!"

The general word on the street: "finally! George Bush is out!"


Kasey said...

What Juan Luis said: Very Interesting

I was in Spain during the election of Bush's first term. The general word on the street the day after (at least amongst the college students who encompassed Americans, Spaniards and other exchange students all over the world) was "Oh no, Bush won!"

I think my roommate and I were the only ones that were rooting for a Bush victory in all of Spain that day.....

Amy said...

I think Africa is one of the few places in the world where people love Bush. Though it hasn't been widely publisized in the States, he has done so much to combat malaria, HIV, etc. in many African countries.

Of course, they all love Obama too, because he is "Kenyan."

Naomi Smith said...

Kasey - - yeah, I thought that what Juan Luis said was interesting - - NOT because everyone isn't thinking it, but because he would actually ADMIT it!

Amy - - so what do you guys have to do to vote? we actually ended up faxing in our ballots - - it cost us a hefty $40!

Anonymous said...

We are just waiting to see which Obama shows up to lead our Nation. We know that God has a plan and a purpose.

We are thrilled that CA voted to ban same sex marriages! Yes on 8!