Wednesday, November 05, 2008

good social tips from Naomi

being on the end of a (rockin'!) Halloween party, and on the eve of a season of many more parties, I thought I would write up a bit of an etiquette guide for all you party throwers and party goers out there. if you have any questions about specific issues that I don't address here, feel free to email me and I can point you in the right direction!
party goer:
if the party thrower asks you to dress up, well then, by all means, dress up! your costume will (probably) make the other party goers have a good chuckle and have an extra fantastic time. It will make for outstanding pictures, and will make the party thrower feel really great about his super party.
(Rachel is a faithful adherent to this partying value and can here be seen dressed up as, and nearly indistinguishable from, the original Gwen Stefani)
party thrower:
if the party goer comes having payed no regard to the request to dress up, choose not to view this incident as a personal offense. remind yourself that party goer has indeed come, and that that is what really matters.
party goer:
when at the party, the party thrower may have put together a list of activities - - probably ones that he thinks are pretty fun. do your best to participate fully; laughing a lot, cheering other people on, and clapping others on the shoulder are all appropriate ways to communicate that you are having a grand old time participating in the organized activities.
party thrower:
if you find that a particular guest is reticent to participate in the activities or just seems to be "moping around", do your best to cheerfully involve that guest - - bring him a drink and a snack, and urge him about two or three times to come live the fun life. if he refuses, avoid thinking things like "boy, what a jerk", and instead, try to think things like " man, he must have had a long day; I hope he feels better soon"
party goer:
remember that, unless the party thrower has asked you to bring a specific dish, you should come without one! the party thrower has probably enjoyed putting together the menu and wants you to come without having to worry about details (other than your costume, of course)
party thrower:
If a party goer shows up at your cocktail party with a bag full of hamburgers that they picked up along the way, thank the party goer profusely, remember that your guest matters more than your menu, and then chop up those hamburgers into little squares, stick little toothpicks in them, and put them on the silver tray along side of the crab cakes!

and now . . . a couple more pictures from the awesome rocker-themed Halloween party:
Joshua - - with the sweetest mohawk evahhhh
what does Cindi Lauper's baby wear? leggings and converse, of course.


JeriAnn said...

i'm very curious to know who failed to follow the rules- i'm assuming the party-goer :) but were these your spanish friends that showed up with hamburgers? i'm sure you were very gracious tho and made them feel at home in an instant!


Gabrielle said...

You throw the best parties! Oh I would have had soooo much fun. Love the theme, and you and Selma, and all of you for that matter, look great. Love this post!

Naomi Smith said...

jeriann . . . Don't force me to name names!

Gab - - this post was NOT for you. you and Luke have both proven that you do mighty fine already as party throwers AND party goers!
I wish you could have been a goer at this one too!

Gabrielle said...

Naomi--Just so you feel like we were there in spirit, here's what we would have been: I would have dressed in a black leather mini skirt and of course the matching, or mis matching jacket, with added nets, and tall high heel all frizzy and stiff, smacking gum...Luke (straight from his mouth) would have shaved his head, put earings all the way up and down one ear, covered his massive arms with tattoos, etc. So, do you feel like we were there?

Naomi Smith said...

bravo! you just won the (much coveted) prize for the best costume - - a Zoro action figure that we found in the clearance bin at the toy store last week!

jeriann said...

naomi i would never force you to name names :) i was just taking a gander at your source of inspiration for your recent post - thats all :) and if had come i would have felt the need to revisit the early 90's with some neon and fluorescents :) and maybe some scrunch socks with a rolls jeans and my shirt tied into a knot on the side . . . .

Naomi Smith said...

scrunched socks?! rolled jeans?! dang it Jeriann, why don't you live closer? I don't care that you live in England; you are totally getting an invite to our next party!

and in terms of my inspiration, let's just say that they didn't REALLY bring hamburgers, and I didn't REALLY serve crab cakes on a silver platter . . . buuuut . . . :)

(you are kind to assume that I "made them feel at home in an instant" . . . I hope I did!)