Saturday, November 22, 2008

and today he is three

Happy Birthday to our three year old who likes to wake us up with his cheerful singing in the morning! (and although I don't always love it when it happens, it makes me happy when I think about it later in the day!)

hey Josu, what was your favorite present today?
was it the Peter Pan toy with the baby sword?
was it the books from Gran?
the blocks from Grandma?
the retro tin lunch box from Aunt Jamey and Uncle Noah?
the picture that David drew for you and left uncolored so that you could color it in?
or was is the super cute sock elephant with many wonderful accessories (that Mama spent hours and hours and hours toiling over)?

what!? the cake? it was the cake?

oh. I guess I'm not surprised. I love you.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for spending so many hours on Birthdays to make them memorable. I want to see a picture of the gift you made.
I wish I was gifted in that way.


Ginny and Jim