Monday, November 17, 2008

the talk

right, so - - the talk.
it was awesome . . .
Sure, there was some disappointment - - lots of the friends and neighbors that had said that they wanted to come, didn't actually come. ok, none of them actually came. kind of stinky.

but the good, good news is that:
1. Joshua really did a fantastic job sharing; the way he was able to communicate the more technical elements of the historical Jesus, while still communicating a tender love and passionate fervor for this historical Jesus was astounding. I sure do like him.
2. aside from our Cristian community and a couple of exclusive invited guests, there were four individuals that came. FOUR!
3. the interaction time at the end of the talk was outstanding; I mean, how can you not get giddy about one of the guys there saying - - "there is so much indifference in our Spanish Catholicism; I can't help but wonder that if the nuns had taught us stuff like this, we might actually be excited about following Jesus"!
4. our Community got together at our place for pizza after the talk. we invited everyone at the talk to come and join us. and do you know what? someone did!

and yes, I know,this has already been a long post - - a bit tedious and cumbersome for those who insist on "fewer words and more pictures!" (Mercy Newton!) but I really must go on a bit longer to relate what may have been the greatest marker of success; read on my friends:

context: 3/4 the way through Joshua's talk, he made the point that the kingdom of God could not be advanced through violence . . .
Malachai (who brought along his paper and crayons and sat quietly during the talk): "Mama, I've been thinking"
me: "mmmmm? (oh my goodness, he's just like his father!)"
Malachai: "well, when I'm an adult, and if there is a war, I am going to get a loudspeaker and say to the soldiers 'he who lives by the sword will die by the sword, put down your swords!' and then I will invite them over for dinner. Will you make them dinner when I bring them home?"
me: "yes my sweet boy, yes. I would love, love that! I will make a huge, wonderful dinner for all the soldiers (oh my goodness, he's just like his father!)"


Whitney said...

Oh, I love your Malachai!!

GreenEggsandSam said...

Priase the LORD on all fronts.
AND, that son of yours...tear.

Debbie said...

May I come to the dinner you'll be throwing for the soldiers? What a precious heart your little one has!

I praise God for the four who heard, too!

darcie said...

Hmmm, this is good, all of it; thanks for sharing it all. . .

Anonymous said...

ya. that was good. and i DO READ your blog. just to let you know.

Gabrielle said...

good stuff. my, how my children do not think like that yet. Although Julia did want to pray for Aunt Rachel tonight at the "hotstable and her tummy, right here God." good enough.

godnov said...

That is wonderful news. Thanks for sharing. We were praying. Can I get Joshua's notes?