Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rachel: being intentional, and looking all cute while she's at it

This is Rachel at her post graduation mingle time, texting her friends about where they are going to meet for pinchos . they will stay out late, roaming the streets of Pamplona, eating teeny tiny tasty foods (that's what pinchos are) and hanging out:
Rachel has lots to do this week.
she has a project to turn in,
and lesson plans to write.
She doesn't really enjoy staying up late
and her shoes are uncomfortable.
I suspect that she doesn't want to go out tonight,
but she will
because she loves people,
and she's shaping her life patterns in light of of that.
I think she's awesome.


mrsdestroyer said...

And I think that blue coat looks awesome on her as well :)

darcie said...

indeed, God is displaying his grace through sweet Rachel,and also. . .seeing her blue coat, I was thinking I'd like to borrow it next week. can't wait to see you!

Rachel said...

mom -- I can't wait to lend you my coat (and of course, a scarf to go with it)! we're counting down the hours 'till we see you guys...

Naomi Smith said...

mom, once, I asked Rachel to lend me this coat every day for the rest of my life, but she said no. soooo, I think you'll be lucky if Rachel actually DOES lend it to you!

Anonymous said...

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