Thursday, March 25, 2010

puzzles and other happy things

my heart is happy today:
my little girl is doing puzzles,
and I'm doing laundry; it's windy and sunny - - just the right sort of day to hang laundry;
and laundry time is good because it facilitates thinking time, and I can't stop thinking about the wonderful conversation I had with my sweet friend last night . . . she called me late at night and I took a cab over to her place (taking the bus would have been all wrong last night; we had important things to talk about!); she made me the world's hottest cup of mint tea (it was perfect!) and I gave her my bible. giving away your bible to someone who wants it is one of the nicest feelings ever, I think.

and I'm happy because I have a call date with another friend, Carol, this afternoon. we are going to talk about things like:
is it right for a mature, spiritual person to enjoy beautiful things?
what exactly is the gospel? what does it mean to share it?
I can't wait to hear what Carol has to say about these things, and I can't wait to hear her interact with my thoughts.

and I'm happy because Joshua comes home from England today,
and it's his birthday,
and I'm going to make him chicken coconut red curry soup, except I can't find red curry paste here in Pamplona, so it will have to make it with green curry paste, I guess.
(hey look! no chairs!)


Gabrielle said...

Chicken Coconut GREEN curry soup, it is!

mrsdestroyer said...

MMM! I think you need to share the recipe-we love curry and I'm always looking for new recipes for it :)

darcie said...

this is such an encouraging post, Naomi-thanks for sharing some detail of the "happy things". Happy birthday to Joshua-we've been praying for his week and look forward to hearing about it all.
much love. . .

Anonymous said...

Giving away your bible mean truly loving someone. I "gave" my bible to Marin. She chewed it up one day when I left her inside. I told her we are supposed to store God's word in our hearts not our stomachs.

Thanks for sharing how you invest wholeheartedly in peoples always challenges and encourages me.

And I will now plan on saving and bringing home my puzzles from the classroom for when my family comes to visit.

Love you,

carol said...

It makes me so happy to be one of your happy things. You have NO idea.

It was pure bliss being on the phone together and talking! Hopefully I made some sense - I seem to babble so much lately. But I so enjoyed your insight and exhortation!!!!

Naomi Smith said...

gab, well . . . it wasn't even green curry soup because we went to the store and they were ALL OUT of coconut milk! ah well . . . later on this week.

steph - just follow the link on my post . . . and it will take you there!

Jamey - - perfect! they will looooove that! (puzzles are right up there with puzzles on my kid's fun list)

Carol - - it was awesome; I wanted more!

adornedlife said...

i would enjoy hearing the outcome of the discussion you mentioned:
"is it right for a mature, spiritual person to enjoy beautiful things?"
i enjoy your beautiful words and images!

Naomi Smith said...

Thanks, adornedlife!!
. . . so what do YOU think about that? :)

adornedlife said...

i wish you could hear the resounding "YES! YES! YES!" that is screaming in my soul...a soul that bears the imprint of her creative Creator....

Naomi Smith said...

THAT, adornedlife, is what I always come back to. it seems to me that to fail to delight in beauty and the creation of beauty, is failure to express the nature of the one who created us to reflect his person.

thanks for putting it so beautifully.

adornedlife said...

how i wish there were not an ocean between us...and the times zones..there is so much more to say. reading a book on exactly this at how you put it: "that to fail to delight in beauty AND THE CREATION OF beauty, is failure to express the nature of the one who created us to reflect his person." the process and time spent in meeting with the Creator yields incredible, life- changing and LIFE-GIVING beauty!

Naomi Smith said...

what are you reading?

adornedlife said...
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