Wednesday, March 03, 2010

preparing for departure

We had a beautiful, sunny, sunny day today. I abandoned all household chores and headed out to the porch with Selma to sort through my pots and plants;
Selma spooned dirt from one pot to another;
I swept up the dirt that Selma kept spilling;
it kept the nuns across the street amused for a while.
I did eventually clean out most of my pots; I left the plants that looked the best - - a couple of geraniums, the lavender, and the olive tree; I'm hoping that I can find a friend or neighbor to take these when we move.

I was cleaning out the planter that was home to the strawberry plants last summer and found this sweet mysterious little plant: it's probably a weed, but I couldn't resist the spring-time urge to plant something so I snagged the spoon from Selma and transferred it to to an old yogurt jar.
maybe it will live for a bit.
just until mom comes and goes (please!)


darcie said...

I love that little specimen-please, please thrive at least til I come. . .

Anonymous said...

When are you leaving and for how long? Are you completely moving out of that apartment for good?

Naomi Smith said...

priscilla - - oh dear - - you didn't get that email? yes, we are moving out of Pamplona. we will be in LA and San Antonio this summer and fall as we figure out our next ministry.