Friday, October 30, 2009

on the road to San Sebastian

once, many, many months ago we took a family trip up to beach-side San Sebastian (the Brits love to holiday up there from what I hear.)

on the way there we stopped for a coffee. good thing Malachai had his trusty 1.3 megapixel sidekick. he got this cute picture of me and Selma:
he also got a picture of the shirtless rockstar that was on the cigarette machine behind me:
but I made him delete it.

he took a picture of my cup of water:
and then we all squeezed in tight for a group shot (minus Malachai, of course)
and then he surprised this neighboring coffee drinker by taking his picture:
I gave Malachai some good basic guidelines for photographing strangers - - especially up close. when the kind gent assured Malachai that it was ok, Malachai suggested a Josu and stranger portrait. they both complied:
what a day!


Anonymous said...

Malachai, What great pictures! I wasn't sure it you still used the camera. Love Grandma

Amber said...

I love this post! 1.3 megapixs... so hightech! Thanks for sharing... and the last picture with the stranger... so so great! Thanks for sharing and tell Malachai to keep taking awesome photos!

Heather Pelczar said...

I love Malachai. Hug him for me.

GreenEggsandSam said...

this was a GREAT thread of thought and pictures...and i loved the surprise ending!!!
I wish I was there living life with you guys!
SO SO SO SO cool that you're doing it for the gospel!