Thursday, October 22, 2009

friendship fusion

Brett had a birthday recently.
(you know Brett, right? - - part of our Christian community - - doctoral student in a local Spanish university?)
Brett runs in a cool, university crowd - - these architecture students spend their birthdays weaving through the labyrinth of Pamplona's old town streets - - picking out their favorite pinchos at every bar along the way, a different friend taking turns paying for the selection of food and drinks . . .

we run in a different sort of crowd.
we run in the "make a birthday cake and invite some friends over to play some silly games and then relight the candle three times so that we can sing happy birthday in English, Spanish, and Euskera (it keeps the kids happy and refines their language skills, you know?)" sort of crowd

Brett invited us along to his birthday celebration anyways (partying differences be darned!), because we're his church family, and he believes that neither he, nor we, (nor you for that matter) should compartmentalize our friendships and gatherings into "Christian" and "other".
we agree with Brett - - and he's our family; and so, with this kind, purposeful invitation, out we went, at 9pm with our three sweet ones in tow - - toys and snacks packed in the stroller,

and ate good food
and met and re-met some of Brett's friends (some who now, in fact qualify as our friends)
and had some good conversations - - some trivial, some significant
and were glad that Brett had invited us
and glad that we had said yes
We made it home by 2 am - - very early by Spanish standards.
(we're kind of new at this)


Amy Richey said...

I just found your blog and I'm so excited!!! You have some amazing pictures and great insights.

It was such fun getting to know you a little in Poland this summer...

lizandbunyan said...

No worries about deleting my original comment but thanks for the heads up! If it had been a bad day, I may have thought I said something know how those kinds of days go?
Anyways, I think I wanted to know how the kids did with this new kind of entertainment. You win parents of the year of you had happy campers at 2 am! :)

Naomi Smith said...

the funny thing was, they weren't the only little ones out that late . . . that's Spanish life for you! my kids did great.
ALTHOUGH, on the way back to the car (which we had to park like a mile away - - seriously) Joshua did have to carry a sleeping Malachai while I pushed Selma in the stroller with Josu perched precariously on the back bars of the stroller - - and that almost did us in!

Heather Pelczar said...

I love the Malachai wore a tie. And I love that you went. I just love you. And how you write your blog. sigh...hug. said...

'because we're his church family, and he believes that neither he, nor we, (nor you for that matter) should compartmentalize our friendships and gatherings into "Christian" and "other"'

love this and agree wholeheartedly. since being back in the US, our spiritual eyes have been opened in a new way. reading and seeing this particular post was beautiful and stirred up in me a longing to be involved in other cultures. we lived in the UK for 3.5 years with military several years ago. loved living in and experiencing other cultures through everyday life and whilst (as the brits would say) traveling. i think the desire to go back overseas is rising up. we now have 3 kiddos and reading about your life is very encouraging! not sure how you found my little photo-journal, but glad you commented and glad to have a peek into spain and your family life there. it is beautiful.