Saturday, March 28, 2009

out on the streets (together)

Brett is part of our Christian community.
Brett and Francesca study architecture together.
yesterday,Francesca called Brett to see if he wanted to have lunch after the morning conference given by some Portuguese architect.
Brett called us to see if we wanted to join them both for lunch.
Joshua watched the kids so that I could join Rachel
joining Brett
joining Francesca.
So we had lunch together,
and talked about all things relevant to life - - including:
  • methods and mechanisms for making the best coffee (of course we talked about that - - Francesca is Italian)
  • racism in Spain, and in Italy, and in the US, and in our own lives.
  • chandeliers.
  • what it means to care for the physical world without having that care overwhelm our care for people.
  • the hideous wallpaper in Francesca's apartment and wallpaper's apparent comeback.
(see? important stuff)
and then, after the post lunch coffee, Brett and Francesca showed us the architecture building on campus,
and we ran into Isabel who comes to our place for movie nights . . . and Raul who we met at Brett's raging housewarming party.

it's good to be together.

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Gabrielle said...

My recent coffee date was with our sweet sister Mercy...and we covered quite a few interesting topics too, and the funny thing is, we actually didn't even have coffee! We just sat outside and felt like we had coffee! The word coffee opens up all avenues of conversation.