Thursday, March 26, 2009

The thing about Joshua

"the thing about Joshua," I told a friend today,
"is that as he studies modern society, he is overwhelmed with the intellectual complacency that exists; he believes that as a whole we are failing to ask enough questions as well as failing to think critically when questions are asked of us"
"mmmmm . . . " said the friend.
"and Joshua wants to stir up the waters" I told her.
"maybe I'll bring a friend with me" she said.

so he's at it again - - Joshua has been preparing a talk to present this Friday evening at our community's cultural center. This time it's titled:
Catholic without Catholicism?
reflections of a "separated brother"

please pray for Joshua tomorrow! Pray that he will provoke the right questions, that he will be able to share grace and truth as questions are asked of him, and that God will use Joshua in our community to sharpen and woo the minds that God has created to adore Himself.


Gabrielle said...

He's the new Francis Schaeffer, right? And, little Selma is wearing some sort of striped tights, did you not put them away?

Naomi Smith said...

ok,seriously, we recently read a biography of Schaeffer, and Joshua totally reminds me of him . . .
(but way hotter)

and the tights . . . the striped tights . . . yes, they're the ones (I just took the picture before I but them away)

by the way, when will you find out about the sex of the baby?

Debbie said...

We all need the challenge to our complacency, don't we? Will pray. Happy birthday to Joshua--goodness, you're a young 'un!

Caroline said...

We'll be praying for you guys. We need a Joshua here!

Heather Pelczar said...

how did it go?!!!