Monday, March 23, 2009

32 (almost)

Yesterday we threw a birthday party for Joshua, and our house was filled with all sorts of people from all different parts of our lives. Jaime and Miriam were here, and Brett and Rachel - - all from our Christian community. and there were Brett's roommates, and Isabel and Lucas who often come for pizza and movie night, and Juan Carlos who we know from our local coffee shop, and Andrea and Franchesca - - Brett's fine Italian friends who we met for the first time last Thanksgiving. Even Jose the priest accepted a last minute invitation.
it was one of those lovely events that lasts longer than expected - - the four-o-clock coffee and dessert turned to a six-o-clock snack turned into a nine-o-clock dinner. . . and it was about 11pm by the time the door closed behind our last guest.
and this morning at about 11, I felt very, very sleepy so I laid down for a nap. and slept.
I woke up just enough to hear Joshua bringing the boys home from school
and to wonder what they would eat for lunch. I had fed all the food to yesterday's guests.
I didn't wonder too long, though. I fell back asleep
and woke up again to Rachel taking Selma and Josu out to pick up Malachai from his afternoon school hours.
it was 4:30
and then Joshua came home
with groceries.
my family takes good care of me


Gabrielle said...

Still got the sleepies? I love the square cake. What is the pink cake looking thing next to it? And what did you scrounge up to serve for snack and dinner for so many people? You are amazing!

Naomi Smith said...

well, I've been doing a TON better, but I think that I over did it this weekend. hopefully my million hour nap today will help me get better again.

good thing you liked the square cake - - it's what you're getting! the pink cake is a recipe I got from mom - - it is strawberries whipped up with egg whites and whipping cream and sugar and topped with an almond crumble and then all frozen up. it really was a perfect companion to the chocolate.

dinner - -
goat cheese and walnut salad
a wheel of cheese

Spanish dinners are easier to whip up.
I'm learning - - always, ALWAYS keep extra jars of olives in the cupboard and baguettes in the freezer. they help to pull everything together.

I'm sure you'll get a generous share of olives and baguettes in May . . . (ps. how do you feel about olives?)

Gabrielle said...

Actually, I broke into our olives the other day because it was the only thing that sounded great! I'll have to get that strawberry cake recipe, never had it. I'm looking forward to Spanish dinners...Hopefully the cheese is pasteurized though! (for the prego side of me!)