Saturday, November 25, 2006

we've been having cold, rainy days. this is what my kitchen has been looking like lately; makes cooking and cleaning a bear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,

I remember when we visited in January and it took forever to dry clothes in your kitchen! At least the clothes smelled yummy.........

The weather has been around 65 degrees during the day and 35 degrees or so at night.

Is Malachai speaking more in Spanish at home since he started school?

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him in Spain.



Kathy Anderson said...

Hi Naomi,
It's good to know that women everywhere hang their laundry where they can! My house looks pretty much the same, homey and colorful! I just love reading about your life in Spain, it makes you seem so close and watching your beautiful boys get bigger. I love it. Grace to all of you.
Kathy Anderson